White Orchid

Welcome to the UK exclusive new release by IGT. Highly requested and already famous, the UK can now play White Orchid slot online with 100 free.

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White Orchid slots is set around the theme of the rainforest. The characters within the game are inspired by the rainforest with a man and woman who
live in a beautiful rainforest setting, a bright green tree frog, a wild leopard, a butterfly and also the name of the game itself, a white orchid.

This slots game is one that has a standard five reel format. The payline format is anything but standard. Activating up to 40 paylines is carried out in the
normal way with the activation of each additional line being done by adding an extra coin. There is an extra dimension to this however, with a MultiWay
Xtra payline option, which costs 80 coins per play, but it activates 1024 ways to obtain a winning line. In addition to the MultiWay Xtra payline feature,
there is also the White Falls Free Spins Bonus. This utilises a different reel set and attracts larger payouts for
winning lines. The top payout is 250 000 coins.

The betting limits within this game are  between 1 and 80 to activate the winning lines and between 1 and 5 coins per bet. This gives a maximum bet
of 400 coins per spin. The maximum payout per single bet is 250 000 coins, this also includes the entire Free Spin Bonus Round as it is
the result of a single bet.

Within the game play, the symbols appear stacked on all of the five playing reels and it is possible for a maximum of four symbols of the same kind to
appear on a single reel simultaneously, thus increasing the chances of a win.

The White Orchid Logo, consisting of flowing white script on a purple background , is the wild symbol in this game. The Orchid symbol can substitute for any
other non-scatter symbol to create a winning combination on the reels. This symbol only appears on reels 2 to 5, there are no wild symbols on reel 1. As with
the other symbols, the wild symbol also appears in stacks of up to 4 symbols upon a single reel, this then increases the chances of completing winning lines.
The white orchid logo symbol cannot substitute for the white orchid symbol, which is the scatter symbol and the activator of the bonus game.

As mentioned previously, the white orchid is the scatter symbol within this game and so does not necessarily have to appear along a payline to provide a
win. The orchid symbol is only a feature on the centre reel of the game, and again is present in both single and stacked forms of up to four symbols. If
two or more white orchids appear on the centre reel, then the White Falls Free Spins Bonus game is activated.

The White Falls Free Spins Bonus allows the player to win up to 20 spins depending on how many white orchids appear on the centre reel to trigger the
game.  When two orchids appear to activate the free spins, then 10 free spins are awarded. If three or four orchids appear on the centre reel, then 15
and 20 spins are awarded respectively. The Free Spins game is automated and will run until there are no spins left. Additional free spins can be activated during
the bonus game, and the bonus game may continue for a total of 130 spins, or until the maximum award for a single bet has been reached. The bet within the
White Falls Free Spins Bonus is the same as for the main game, so if the 1024 payline wins have been activated, then they will also be present in the bonus game.
There is also a different and richer reel set that is used within the free spins game that offer higher payouts than in the standard game. Once the spins have run
out or the limits have been reached, then the play will be returned to the standard game.

The MultiWay Xtra activation brings several additional ways to win. Firstly there are payouts if there are matching symbols appearing anywhere on the reels is the
symbol appears on at least four reels, when counting from the left hand side of the play area. In this way they act almost as scatter symbols, but only when they
appear in large numbers. Also, if a symbol forms a winning line, but that symbol also appears again in one of the winning line formation
reels, then there is a multiplier applied to the win.

The symbols that are used in the game are all based on things that are found in the rainforest. In addition to the standard symbols that are used in the main
game, the symbols used in the free spins game are slightly different. The lady and the man both adopt different poses to their symbols in the standard game,
and the other animals are replaced by a hawk’s head, a colourful hummingbird, and a rainbow coloured fish. The royal symbols are also different to their standard
game counterparts. Rather than resting on a bed of leaves, the leaves have turned into vines and have grown up around the letters.

In terms of the payout, the symbol of the lady is the highest paying symbol, with a maximum payout of 5000 coins for a single coin bet, if the maximum 5 coins
is played, then the maximum possible win is 25000 coins when five symbols appear along one of the standard pay lines.

This is a nicely put together slots game and it has some funky little sound snippets that accompanies any winning lines. Each symbol also has its own little animation
that it performs every time that it is part of a winning line combination. The wild symbol also  animates whenever it is part of a winning line. It is highly playable,
and the 1024 payout lines help to keep the excitement flowing while the winnings keep coming in.

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